Scavenger Hunt Fiuggi

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Domanda 1

Look at the façade of the Civic Theatre. There is a clock at the top. What time does it mark?

A 3:40 a.m.
B 8:15 a.m.
C 3:40 p.m.

Domanda 2

Go inside the Town hall. In the council room there is a big fresco on the left, which represents Pope Boniface VIII with the papal court. Look at it very carefully.

- How many women are there in the scene?

A Seven
B Six
C Five

Domanda 3

What colour is the popes hat?

A Red
B Brown
C Green

Domanda 4

Go in front of Saint Clares church. There is a group of statues next to a small fountain: three nuns and a girl. What are the names of the nuns?

A Teresa, Carla and Cecilia.
B Teresa, Antonia and Cecilia.
C Francesca, Antonia e Cecilia.

Domanda 5

Go inside Saint Peter the Apostles church. Look at the third chapel on the right. In the centre there is a painting with Saint Michael the Archangel, between Saint Blaise and Saint Charles Borromeo.

-What has Saint Michael the Archangel got in his hands?

A The sword and the scales.
B The sword and the cup.
C The shield and the scales.

Domanda 6

At the top of the apse, above the major altar of the church there is a big writing in Latin. Write all the five words?


Domanda 7

Go to Falconi Square and look at the big door flanked by two columns . On the left there is a stone plate. Tick the dates of birth and of death of Filippo Falconi.

A 1987-2027
B 1897- 1979
C 1800-1877

Domanda 8

Go inside the ancient palace which contains the Well of the Virgins. This palace is now known as the house of Father Christmas. Find the old well of the Virgins.

- What was the surname of the lord of the palace?

A Pietro Morgani
B Pietro Mastino
C Pietro Mulino

Domanda 9

Find the old shop located in La Piazzarola and write down its name visible at the top of the door.

The name is

Domanda 10

Find the Vicolo Baciadonne (Women Kissing Alley). There is a beautiful painting. Look at the man.

- What has he got on his hat?

A 2 leaves
B 2 arrows
C 2 feathers

Domanda 11

Go to Saint Mary on the Hill Square (Piazza Santa Maria del Colle). In the middle there is the Colle Fountain. Look carefully at this beautiful cast-iron fountain.

- When was it built?

A 1907
B 1807
C 1707

Domanda 12

- The water comes out from the heads of...

A angels
B lions
C tigers

Domanda 13

Find La Portella. Under the archway there is a tabernacle for the Holy Trinity.

-What is the white animal above the sacred image of the Holy Trinity?

A A butterfly
B An eagle
C A dove

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