The Cesanese del Piglio wine

Made by the students of second class Sections A-B-C Fiuggi Primary School S.Y. 2018/2019. Original sounds by Ennio Boezi

The Cesanese del Piglio wine - Background

Every year the festival of grapes takes place in Piglio, near Fiuggi, from 5 to 6 October, a party that highlights the Cesanese DOC wine. The Cesanese del Piglio social winery was founded in 1960 by a group of winemakers who wanted to create high quality wines. It is said the Cesanese was the favorite wine of Pope Boniface VIII, whose name was given to the thermal spring of Fiuggi. Every year 450 thousand bottles of ruby red wine with purple reflections are produced.

The harvest

The grape harvest is one of the most important phases of wine production and most of all represents a moment of strong bonds and conviviality. In fact, up until not long ago the grape harvest had a much more social and festive relevance: all generation of men, women, elderly and children gathered in the vineyards, joined by the same common objective.

How it’s now

Once in the cellars the grapes are put in the destemmer-press to be divided rom their stems and to be pressed.

The casks

Later on pressed grapes are put in casks where they can ferment and become must.

The winepress

After that, the must is put into the winepress which squeezes all the residues from the fermented grapes.

Once again...

After being pressed the must is put once again in casks where it can ferment even more, it will later be filtered and decanted into jugs.

The bottle

Bottled and ready to be consumed!


Wine is like love: it makes your head and heart feel warmer.

Bread, wine and barley will make your journey shorts.

When wine makes you happy all your secrets will come out.

A folk song

L'uva fogarina

The end

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